MCC San Jose Spring 2009 Raffle Results

Many thanks to our Fundraising Team for coordinating MCC San Jose’s Spring 2009 Raffle.  Tickets were $20 each with three fabulous prizes:

  • First prize: the winner’s choice of either A) a Samsung 40″ Touch of Color™ 1080P LCD HDTV valued at $1,000, or B) $1,000.
  • Second prize: a gift basket from Macy’s cosmetics, valued at $200.
  • Third prize: a pair of tickets to the FC Gold Pride professional women’s soccer game on Sunday, July 19, 2009, at Buckshaw Stadium at Santa Clara University, valued at $100.

The winning tickets for the raffle were:

Third Prize: FC Gold Prize Tickets went to ticket 015687 (Jerry Enos)

Second Prize: Macy’s Cosmetics gift basket went to ticket 015686 (Bren Haag)

First Prize: $1,000 or a TV went to ticket 015664 (name illegible)

We also did a drawing for an alternate winner.  If one of our prizes cannot be awarded, that prize will go to ticket 015729 (Dick Duncan).

Please support our church by helping us sell raffle tickets.  You can click on the following link for a complete list of the raffle’s official rules and regulations.

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