Finding our Spiritual Center in Difficult Times

Blooming Cactus

Please join us this March for From Bud to Flower: Finding our Spiritual Center in Difficult Times, a powerful and inspiring sermon series at MCC San Jose.

Topics in this series will be:

March 1 – Rev. Mike Ellard

Sailing on a Sea of Troubles: Spiritual Lessons from Noah

March 8 – Rev. Mike Ellard

Snakes on a Plane:
What would Saint Patrick do in Samuel L. Jackson’s shoes?

March 15 – Rev. Marjorie Pearson

Raising the Roof: Extraordinary measures for Extraordinary Times

March 22 – Rev. Sky Anderson

Send in the Clowns: Holding Tight to your Spiritual Truth

March 29 – Rev. Mike Ellard

 Transformation: Finding new meaning in a changed world

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