Special “Coming Out Support Group” series for Lent

During the month of March, MCCSJ’s Coming Out Support Group will be having a special Lenten series focusing on the spiritual aspects of coming out. Topics in the series will include:

  • If God Loves the World, Why Not Me?
  • The Spirit and the Eunuch
  • A Perspective On The Liberation of the Christ
  • Questions and Answers from the Group

The month will conclude with the movie night, “We Are All Angels,” an in depth look into the lives of two lovers, Jason and DeMarco.  The film will cover the joys and struggles of their coming out, falling in love, and how all this has affected their music and their career. Read more »

The Closet is a Spiritual Tomb!

Rev Sky Staff Photo

“The Closet is a Spiritual Tomb!”  

The first time I heard these words I was at our General Conference in Los Angeles. It was the early 1970s, and a young preacher by the name of Howard Wells had gotten up to speak. Over a thousand people were in the auditorium that day and when he spoke you could hear a pin drop.

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Do Not Recite Your Poem

Do not recite your poem.
Do not read your poem.
Do not present your poem.
Your poem deserves a better fate.

Sing your poem.
Proclaim your poem.
Shout your poem.
Cry your poem.
Declare it.
Dance it.
Argue it.
Torture it.
Preach it, pray it, spray it, spew it.
Make your poem shine forth.

Do not recite your poem,
Sing it.
And do not live your life.
I charge you,
Make your life a poem, and
Sing it, sister, sing it.

This week’s reflection is a poem by Lannie Rose, ©2002.  It is used here by permission of the author. You can find this poem and other writings on Lannie Rose’s website.

Love, Litigation, and Lent

Rev Sky Staff PhotoValentine’s Day is on the horizon. Soon love will fill the air, hearts and flowers and cuddly bears will be everywhere. For a moment, we will celebrate and embrace the people we cherish: our lovers, friends, and especially this year, our spouses. Inside we will wonder what the final decisions of the court will be. Will they decide to erase marriages already written into law? What awaits us? And so, we celebrate, we pray, and yes, we worry. Read more »

Marriage Equality Rally at MCC – Feb 12

No on Eight RallyPlease join us for a marriage equality rally at MCC San Jose from 6:30pm to 7:30pm on Thursday, February 12.

Update: due to the possibility of rain, the rally has been moved to MCC San Jose in downtown San Jose.  This will be an indoor event. This event was originally planned for the county building, but we have moved it due to the weather forecast.  

This rally is co-sponsored by Marriage Equality Silicon Valley, Marriage Equality USA, BayMEC, the Council of Churches of Santa Clara County, and the Metropolitan Community Church of San Jose.

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Wavy Gravy: Transsexual Role Model

Lannie RoseThat clown Wavy Gravy made me a transsexual. Well, he didn’t actually make me a transsexual, but he inspired me to be one. More accurately, this icon of the sixties hippie movement provided a model that helped me understand my transsexuality.

As I began living more and more of my life as a woman, and feeling very, very good about it, I wondered, how could this be? Could it possibly be true that I was a real woman, in spite of my male body? I had been getting nowhere contemplating, Am I fundamentally a woman at my core, and what exactly does that mean?  Read more »

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