Satyagraha: a Peace Prayer


This week’s reflection is by Jnana Otto.  

Jnana writes, “Satyagraha is a Sanskrit word referring to the philosophy and practice of peaceful, nonviolent resistance developed by Gandhi which also heavily influenced Martin Luther King.  I wrote the following prayer in honor of King and Gandhi.” 

Satyagraha: Peace Prayer

Let us pray
for the peacemakers.
For the peacemaker in all of us,
and for the divine light we all carry within.
We ask for the Spirit of truth,
Satyagraha, to enlighten our minds.

Through our infinite Source of divine love,
may we send out ripples of love into the world.
Even in the face of those in bondage to hate,
we acknowledge the supremacy of love.
Manifested through us, let good will
wash over them, loosening their bondage.
May hardened hearts be dissolved by love.
May we be resolved to set our adversaries free.

Let us step into Spirit before stepping into the world.
We acknowledge the ever present possibility of a higher good.
That which is within us, and all around us.
The Source and substance of all that is.
Aum, Amen, Peace.


This reflection was originally published as part of our “Weekly Reflections” e-Newsletter. Please click the following link for more information about our Weekly Reflections.

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