The One who has begun a good work in you will bring it to completion.

– Philippians 1:6


It is New Year’s Eve, and 2009 is just a few hours away. It’s a good time to look back, reflect, and dream exciting dreams about the new year. 

When I was quite young, I would greet each new year with a flurry of resolutions. I had great plans for how I would improve myself and every aspect of my life in the coming year. Unfortunately, trying to do everything at once wasn’t very effective, and few of my resolutions survived the second week of January. 

Several years ago, I decided to do New Year’s resolutions differently. Instead of a broad collection of resolutions, I decided that I would have just one resolution each year. One year, my one resolution was that I would preach without notes. This was terrifying at first, but it has changed my preaching style in a wonderful way. By keeping to just one resolution, I have been able to challenge myself and keep my focus, and the results have been powerful and transformative.

What does Christian theology tell us about new year’s resolutions? Not much. Christian theology is all about transformation, but the opportunities for transformation are around us all the time. There’s no need to wait until a new year for life-changes, but if a new year provides a good opportunity for renewal, it’s as good a time for transformation as any! 

If you are feeling a desire for transformation in your life, I encourage you to think about who and what God calls you to be. What brings you the joy, passion and excitement that God wants you to experience in your life? What prevents you from experiencing the holy in your life, and how could you change things to reclaim a sense of ease, contentment, and energy? If you will dream the dreams that God has for your life, transformation will become a joy and not a burden.  

— Michael Patrick Ellard, Former Senior Pastor of MCC


This reflection was originally published as part of MCC San Jose’s weekly reflection series.  Please click the following link for more information about MCC San Jose’s weekly reflections.

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