What Would You Tell Someone About MCC San José?

At our Town Hall Meeting on November 2, we asked people to break up into groups of 3-4 people and come up with five things that they would tell someone who was interested in learning more about our church.  Here is what our four groups came up with:

Group A

–  There’s great camaraderie
–  We’re accepting of everyone – open and affirming
–  We’re progressive and dynamic
–  We have great music
–  We have a great message

 Group Q

–  We’re gay-friendly and groovy
–  Everyone is welcome at the Lord’s Supper (Communion)
–  You are free to be who you are
–  People are friendly, sincere, and loving
–  You can ask and tell (as opposed to Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell) 
–  We have beautiful music

Group N

–  We have a strong sense of purpose
–  This is a place of love and hope
–  We have a strong sense of community
–  There’s no discrimination here
–  We practice love and acceptance of all people
–  People don’t try to mind your business for you
–  We are strongly into social activism

Group Omega

–  We are open to joy, diverse traditions, and call to mission
–  We learn that God is within us and not outside us
–  People learn to let go of fear
–  People learn strategies to grow as individuals and in spirit
–  This is a place where we transcend expectations
–  We have become a safety net for each other 
–  We’re full of joy and life
–  We learn how to change our lives

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