From Melissa to Charlie

MCCSJ LogoI woke up one morning, recently, as Melissa C. I was lonely, tired and coping with a depression that has left me disabled for many years.  It was a Friday. When I went to bed that night, I was Charlie. Charlie went to bed a little scared, a little happy, feeling a lot freer and maybe, just maybe, open to being loved. Charlie had found acceptance as a transgender seeking transition information and support.  Charlie had found a voice suppressed for over 50 years. Charlie had found MCC San José.

The Coming Out Support Group at MCC is an insightful group of folks at all levels in the coming out process. We discuss it all, from self-acceptance to community acceptance and beyond. Our faith is a multifaceted world, open to discussion of faith in ourselves, God, and each other. We are guided in common belief and old adage that we believe in God and God believes in us. I came out with my transgender feelings at age 57. Come out and meet Charlie. Come out to acceptance. Come Out!

Please click the following link for more information about MCC San Jose’s Coming Out Support Group.  

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