MCC San Jose and the Fight for Equal Marriage Rights

Wedding RingsMCC was very active in the legal proceedings that led to the May 15, 2008 California State Supreme Court decision on equal marriage rights for all couples! Here are some of the ways that we’ve been involved:

• Rev. Troy Perry, the founder of our denomination, was one of the original plaintiffs who brought this case before the court.

• Pages 168 and 169 of the court’s decision explicitly mention MCC San Jose and our pastors Rev. Sky Anderson, Rev. Michael Patrick Ellard, and Rev. Vicky Kolakowski as Amicus Curiae (Friends of the Court) supporting the plaintiffs in seeking equal treatment under the law!

• Working with California Faith for Equality, our Senior Pastor Rev. Michael Patrick Ellard, was active in soliciting faith leaders and faith communities to sign onto a friend of the court brief supporting equal marriage rights for all Californians! In the end, four hundred other faith leaders and faith communities joined us in asking the court to support equal marriage rights.

• To celebrate the Supreme Court’s decision, MCC San Jose is waiving all wedding fees for all couples through the end of 2008.  

We are very proud to be a part of supporting equal rights for all couples!  If you would like information about wedding services at MCC San Jose, click here to visit our Weddings Page.  


Note:  the photo used in this article is by Jeff Belmonte and is used under the Creative Commons Atribution 2.0 license. 

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